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President Sakuji Hamasaki
Adress 〒101-0051
Foundation 2004/9/1
Capital 10 million yen
We stand between the "Charterers" who would like to carry crude oil and a petroleum product in all the countries and the "shipowners"
who possesse the shipping which can carry those and are doing the coordination business with the arrangements of shipping agency and sailing are supported.
Such we're called "ship broker". May be unfamiliar in Japan, but it's also called "real estate agent in a sea" at foreign countries, and I'm proud of history in more than 100 years at London and Norway.

Establishment at first in 2004, were mainly doing VLCC in 300,000 ton class which is the world maximum tanker from which petroleum is transported (Very Large Crude Oil Carrier) and the business for which 100,000 tons of AFRA max. tanker in a class is arranged, making an effort toward expansion of business at the beginning from several years ago for the also chartered
vessel for the product tanker from which a petroleum product of jet fuel and naphtha gas is transported are also making an effort toward expansion of business at the beginning from several years before.

There is a fluctuation every day except Saturday/Sunday, and a tanker market (the market conditions) changes every moment. This market is also influenced by a relation of sale and the provision like a principle of the other market conditions of goods, and one of agreement sometimes has an influence on a fluctuation in a market big. We're wrestling every day aiming at it's quick and offering the information by which a fluctuation seems to become useful for a customer in the intense tanker market (the market conditions) appropriately.
Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Banking Corporation


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