We support the world's energy supply chains.



Passion moves hearts; trust resonates with minds.
Passion for work.
Conduct that is trusted and carried out in good faith.

We are all about human resources.
We firmly believe that it is our mission to passionately respond to the expectations and trust of our clients.

Act in good faith.
Always maintain a sense of gratitude.
Be passionate about the work that we do and always be willing to take on challenges.
We aim to develop the individual attributes of each employee and to foster outstanding people who can contribute to communities and society in accordance with these three pillars.

We will constantly do our utmost to build relationships of trust with our clients and to be passionate about the work that we do.

Code of conduct

  • We shall act cheerfully, amicably, and with a sense of gratitude.
  • We shall carry out our duties promptly, accurately, and passionately.
  • We shall constantly challenge ourselves and aim to grow, day by day.
  • We shall endeavor to provide information that satisfies our clients.
  • We shall work to ensure that our clients like and respect our employees and our company.
  • We shall promote the personal growth and well-being of all employees and contribute to social development.


As part of the process of bringing next-generation energy into the scope of our operations, we stand between Charteres, who seek to transport crude oil and petroleum products to countries around the world, and Shipowners, who own the vessels that can transport crude oil and petroleum products and provide coordination services to arrange vessels and support voyages.

Shipping consultancy

We propose measures to satisfy the requirements of shipping companies, oil companies, and major general trading firms while ascertaining global conditions and market trends.

Vessel operations

We provide support for all vessel operations – from loading of cargo to completion of unloading work, according to plan – while monitoring the weather and other constantly changing navigational conditions, and we ensure that chartered vessels are contractually compliant.


Executive Deputy President
Yoshinobu TAKENAKA
10 million yen
September 1, 2004
Business description

Shipping consultancy, chartering and brokering of vessels, and operation services

Correspondent banks

Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation
MUFG Bank, Ltd.
Mizuho Banking Corporation


■Tokyo Head Office

5F Shoko Building, 3-10 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo


【Nearest Station】

3 min. walk from “Jinbocho” Station A2 Exit

5 min. walk from “Kudanshita” Starion 5 Exit

■Singapore Branch Office

30 Raffles Place, #14-108, Singapore 048622