Recruiting information

We support the world’s energy supply chains.

Japan is an island nation that lacks its own energy resources and thus is dependent on foreign sources for energy supplies.
Specialized vessels are harnessed to transport resources from various countries.
We serve as shipbrokers that facilitate the chartering of vessels for conveying such resources by sea.

We coordinate supply operations by connecting Charterers, such as oil companies and trading firms involved in the transportation of oil and natural resources, with Shipowners that operate suitable vessels. We also provide services for the international operations of such vessels.

Market freight rates for vessels are constantly changing and can fluctuate by hundreds of millions of yen in the course of just a few hours.
We propose and arrange optimal measures while constantly acquiring up-to-date market information and keeping an eye on the size, position, and timing of each vessel.

Our role is so vital that it would not be an exaggeration to suggest that we are the foundation that holds up the lifelines of the world.

Charterers Primarily consisting of oil companies, trading firms, and other major companies that wish to transport next-generation energy, crude oil, and petroleum products.

Shipowners: Companies that own vessels.
Shipowners can be found in various countries and regions, including Japan, the United Kingdom (London), Norway, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, South Korea, Greece, Italy, the United States, and India.

◆Typical workflow
・A request is received from Charterers
Example: We’d like you to arrange transportation of two million barrels of crude oil to Japan for us, next month. Do you have a suitable tanker that we can use? We select suitable Shipowners (vessels) and present them to the client, taking into consideration the client’s conditions and budget.

・Formulate a charter plan according to the request.

・Ask Shipowners for a tanker that is right for the plan.

・Negotiate freight rates and detailed contractual provisions.

・Provide services for international operation of the vessel once an agreement is concluded.
First, check to ensure that the arranged vessel arrives at the designated port and is loaded by the appointed date.
Check the constantly changing navigational conditions, including weather, and provide comprehensive support until the vessel completes its journey and the cargo is fully unloaded according to plan.

Qualifications and requirements

  • Graduates both with and without some working experiences are welcomed
  • No English language skills required
  • No experience required

High school graduate or above; no experience required
We have hired persons with no previous experience in the industry or in their intended positions!
Those who are excited about the opportunity to work on the international stage

No previous experience in any of these positions, English language skills, or knowledge of maritime transport are required.
Even if you have no experience, passion for the job will enable you to acquire skills and definitely put them to good use.

Number of positions available (several)

We are a shipping brokerage business that connects Charterers and Shipowners (chartering) and remains engaged in all operations until each chartered vessel safely completes its voyage.

We invite even those who lack any experience in the industry and who may be interested in learning English but are not presently confident in their language skills to grow together with us from the ground floor and contribute to further expanding our operations over the next five to ten-years.

Work location

■Tokyo Head Office/Singapore Branch Office
5F Shoko Building, 3-10 Kanda-Jinbocho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo (nearest stations: Jimbocho/Kudanshita/Suidobashi)
◇Free dress code (subject to conditions)
◇Teleworking and working from home are permitted (subject to conditions)

Working hours

  • Completely closed for operations on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays

■09:30 to 18:30
■Actual working hours: 8 hours per day
■8 actual working hours and 1 break hour


Annual salary system
※Determined upon taking ability, skills, and other factors into account.

Holidays and leaves

  • At least 120 days off per year
  • Summer holidays
  • The Year-end/New Year holidays

2 days off per week
<At least 120 days off per year>
■(Saturdays and Sundays)
■National holidays
■Golden Week holidays
■Summer holidays
■Year-end and New Year holidays
■Condolence leave
■Matrimonial leave

Employee benefits

  • Employment insurance
  • Employees’ pension
  • Workers’ accident insurance
  • Transportation costs
  • Teleworking / Working from home(Subject to conditions)
  • Free dress code (subject to conditions)
  • Support and allowance for the acquisition of qualifications
  • Housing allowance

[Employee benefits]
◇Salary increase once a year
◇Bonus payment once a year
◇Fiscal year-end bonus payment once a year
◇Full package of social insurance plans (employment insurance, workers’ accident insurance, health insurance, and employees’ pension)
◇Periodic health checks
◇Transportation costs

[Various allowances]
◇Support and allowance for the acquisition of qualifications
◇Housing allowance (up to 30,000 yen per month)
◇Business trip allowance
◇Matrimonial gift payment
◇Childbirth gift payment
◇Condolence payment

[Various programs]
◇Retirement benefit program
◇Long-service award program

◇Company trips
◇Social gatherings to which employees’ families are invited
◇No smoking in the office